Crane Meadows is part of a business venture between Cameron Crane and Ron Bentley.

This business venture will have two marketing directions:

BENTLEY BEES to sell Bees, Nucs and Queens.
We are breeding and working with bees that are calm, productive and exhibit a resistance to pests and diseases. We will be selling 20+ Nucs in the spring of 2015.

CRANE MEADOWS to market and sell products from the bees:
Honey, wax, propolis and other products made from those.

We will be selling Nucs of Minnasota Hygenic Bees in the 2015 spring.
We will have set-up for those sales soon.

Cameron Crane & Ron Bentley



I will maintain this website for personal projects. My old photography business items are still in the menues on the right. New photography projects will go in the New Gallery.

Cameron and Therese purchasing a 13.33 acres of land on the Tarkington Prairie, about 8 miles SouthEast of Cleveland, Texas.

The main base of breeding for Bentley Bees is in Crame Meadows Apiaries is on this property. We are currently running about 40 hives there with additional hives at a Pick-your-own berry farm in Winnie and various hives at the Baytown home of Cameron Crane and the Anahauc home of Ron Bentley. We finished the 2014 season with 50 hives and about 8 nucs. Nucs are a small starter hive.

We are looking at moving out there in about 10 years. Our property is known as Crane Meadows.
To see updates on our adventures and progress with this development see: CRANE MEADOWS.